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20 Important Questions

In our book When Your Body Talks, Listen!, we ask and answer the following questions:

  1. What is stress?
  2. What are Stress-Related Disorders (SRDs)?
  3. What causes SRDs?
  4. How is it that SRDs cause illness and problems for the individual and the medical system?
  5. Why do they create such problems?
  6. What can be done about them?
  7. How do SRDs affect the cost of medical care?
  8. What can the average person do about SRDs?
  9. Can I recognize that I am being affected by stress?
  10. Why should I be concerned about stress and SRDs?
  11. Why don’t I get well when my doctor gives me medications?
  12. Why do I get sick again just after I got better from the last medical problem?
  13. Why is it that my symptoms do not make sense to my doctor or me?
  14. Why am I not recovering from my illness?
  15. What laws of nature rule over health, wellness, illness, and disease?
  16. How does my body work for me to protect and defend me?
  17. What does it take to have my body fail and allow me to get sick?
  18. How can I prevent getting sick or becoming ill?
  19. What factors do I have working for me to protect me from illness and allow me to grow and healthfully evolve?
  20. What is wellness and how can I make it work for me?

If you have a question about stress or Stress-Related Disorders it is likely that your question will be answered in our book.

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