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Foreword by Allen Lawrence, MD
Forward by Lisa Lawrence, MA, PhD

Chapter 1: Transforming Illness Into Wellness

  • A World Filled with Illness

  • One Physician's Story

  • Those Who Believe in Illness  --  Illness Mentality

  • Those Who Are Only Occasionally Sick

  • Those Who Were Sick and Become Completely Cured

  • Those Who Are Never Sick

  • About the Illness Process

  • Treating the Patient

  • An Intelligent Universe

  • The ‘Germ' Theory

  • Protecting Ourselves From Illness

  • Do We Get Sick or Does Sickness Get Us?

Chapter 2: Stress-Related Disorders

  • Creating Healing and Wellness

  • Stress-Related Disorders

  • Defining Illness

  • The Main Categories of Nonstress-Related Illness and Disease

  • Stress-Related Disorders  --  An Often Missed Diagnoses

  • Creating Stress-Related Disorders

  • The Law of Survival

  • Corollary #1: The Mind Is All There Is

  • Corollary #2: We Are What We Believe We Are

  • What Does All This Mean?

Chapter 3: Disease is a State Of Mind

  • A Physician's Journey Into Healing

  • The Will to Live

  • Finding Our Highest, Healthiest, and Best Self

Chapter 4: The Body and Its Defense Mechanisms

  • Disease Is Brought on by Faulty Interaction with Our Body-Mind

  • What Are Our Body's Defensive Systems?

  • The Early Warning Systems

  • The Primary Defensive Systems

  • The Secondary Defensive Systems: The Strategic and Offensive Systems

  • Tissue Defenses

  • Blood Born Defense Systems

  • Organ Level Defensive Systems

  • The Immune-Antibody/Antigen System

  • Repair and Rebuilding -- The Body's Healing Systems

  • Housekeeping and Maintenance Systems

  • Maxi or Maximum-Defense Systems

  • Summary

Chapter 5: Stress: The Fight-or-Flight Mechanism

  • Stress and the Stress Mechanism

  • Defining Stress

  • Disease Is a Natural State of Being, Based on the Instructions We Give Our Body-Mind

Chapter 6: The Body-Mind, Conscious Awareness, and Spirit

  • The Three Levels of Man -- Body-Mind, Conscious Mind, and Higher Self.

  • A New Healing Approach

  • Three Levels of Consciousness of Man -- An Overview

  • The Conscious Aware Self

  • Other Important Aspects of the Conscious Self-Body-Mind Relationship

  • Summary

Chapter 7: The Body-Mind

  • What Is The Body-Mind?

  • Guilt, Hate, Anger and Hostility in Creating Illness

  • The Body-Mind, Health and Wellness

  • Summary

Chapter 8: The Body-Mind as the Child Within

  • The Child Within

  • Working with the Body-Mind

  • Technique for Getting Answers

  • The Wise Parent -- Healing the Child Within

  • The Value of the Wise Parent

Chapter 9: The Higher Self

  • Love and Self-Love

  • Meet the Higher Self

Chapter 10: Stress and Disease

  • Belief Systems, Stress, and the Creation of Illness

  • Disease Is Not Necessarily a Negative Process

  • How Does a Healthy Person Become Ill?

  • The Wellness-Stress-Disease Mechanism

  • The Stress Cascade

  • The Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress

  • The Primitive Brains and Autonomic Nervous System

  • The Role of the Endocrine Glands

  • The Anatomy of the Stress Mechanism

  • Summary

Chapter 11: Conflict and Stress

  • The Wellness-Stress-Disease Mechanism and Stress-Related Disorders

  • The Dis-Stress and Dys-Stress Stage

  • The Dis-Ease Stage

  • The Disease Stage

  • The Chronic Disease Stage

  • Summary

Chapter 12: Returning to Wellness

  • What Is Wellness?

  • Is There a Natural Progression From Disease to Health?

Chapter 13: Creating Blocks To Wellness and Healing

  • Healing is Easy

  • Knowing The Enemy -- What Blocks Us From Healing?

  • Secondary Gains

  • Secondary Gains can be Positive or Negative

  • Lack of Self-Love

  • The Power of Our Beliefs

  • Death Wishes

  • Accepting and Legitimizing Illness

  • Choices Over Illness

  • Taking Total Responsibility

  • How We Support and Maintain Illness

  • The Law of Survival -- Maintaining Illness

  • The Healing Process 

Chapter 14: Returning to Wellness – The Healing Journey

  • Making the Decision to Heal

  • Healing Ourselves and Reversing Our Stresses

  • The Power to Heal

  • Eliminating Stress

  • How We Define Stress Is the Key to Ending It

  • Creating Challenges and Opportunities

  • Creating Goals

  • Making Mistakes

  • Problem Solving

  • Solving Conflicts With Forgiveness

  • Don't Live in the Past

  • Acting Toward Others

  • Know Yourself

Chapter 15: Problem Solving and Wellness

  • Four Steps for Problem Solving to Help With Healing Stress-Related Disorders -- The Preparation

  1. Identify As Many Problems and Conflicts as You Can and Then Recognize the Relationships Between These Problems and Conflicts and Your Illness or Illnesses

  2. We Must Accept Responsibility for Our Problem and Decide to Resolve Them

  3. Identify the Causes and Create an Intention to Heal Them

  4. Create and Act on a Personal Plan for Health and Wellness

Chapter 16: Stress

  • Blocks and Complexes

  • Recognition

  • Rationalization

  • More About Blocks and Complexes

  • What Do Blocks and Complexes Really Mean to Us?

  • Blocks and Complexes and Eliminating Stress

Chapter 17: Creating Wellness Through Harmony and Balance

  • Wellness is a State of Harmony and Balance

  • What Balance Looks Like

  • What Imbalance Looks Like

  • What Disease Looks Like

  • The Process of Healing

  • Without Risk-Taking, Healing May Not Be Possible

  • Life Without Illness

Chapter 18: Healing Ourselves -- Healing the World

  • Reversing Illness

  • Birth, Death, and Rebirth

  • The Physician as a Healer

  • There Are Many Other Healers

  • Healing Yourself

  • Six Steps for Creating Wellness

  1. Admit That You Have Become Ill from a Stress-Related Disorder

  2. Accept Responsibility for Healing

  3. Find the Conflicts That Caused Your Illness

  4. Solve Problems and Correct Faulty Belief Systems

  5. Transform Negative Beliefs into Positive Growth

  6. Thank Yourself

  • What Else Can I Do?

  • Maintaining Your Good Health

  • Is There a Conflict Between the Role of the Medical Doctor and Other Healers?

  • Attributes of the Healer

 Chapter 19: Working Together to Promote Healing

  • Healing and Interventive Medicine Working Together

  • Medicine and Healing Working Together

  • What is the Ideal Situation?

  • What About Advanced Illnesses?

Chapter 20: Epilogue

Appendix A - Examples of Physical Symptoms Caused by or Associated with Stress
Appendix B - Common Behavioral and Other Manifestations Caused by or Associated with Stress
Appendix C - Stress-related Disorders Common Medical Problems Affected by or Related to Stress
Appendix D - Types of Illnesses

Diagrams and Tables

Diagram: The Defensive System of the Body
Table: Creating Health Wellness and Healing
Table: Categories of Illnesses and Disease
Table: Defensive-repair Systems of the Body
Table: Summary of the Three Selves
Table: Wellness-Stress-Disease Pathway
Table: The Stress Mechanism
Table: The Nature of A Stressor
Table: The Survival Center
Table: Activation of Stress
Table: The Stress Cascade
Table: The Stress Response
Table: How the Pituitary Gland Responds to Stress
Table: The Adrenal Gland Produces Adrenaline and Cortisol
Table: The Primary Stress Response
Table: The Secondary Stress Response
Table: Stress on the Endocrine System
Table: The Creation of Dis-Stress
Table: Disease-Stress-Wellness Continuum
Table: Damage Control, Repair and Healing Wellness Mechanism

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